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Vogue mirror their warehouse standard operating procedure’s (SOP,s ) worldwide. This enables us to easily communicate between various warehousing  operations within the global supply chain.

We offer value added services at origin and destination E.g.: ISO standard Quality control, ticketing and barcoding, GOH pressing, repackaging, store ready display units.

We can pick and pack store orders at origin and pack replenishment stock for destination warehouses with consistency in documentation eg packing lists, SKU master files,” received for shipment” documents to suppliers,

These measures enable us to pre book space at destination warehouses and check stock in promptly ready and waiting store replenishment orders.

Our warehouses offer a  tier One Warehouse Management System  (WMS) , where Vogue Logistics own the source code and can customise reporting and warehouse procedures for a clients individual needs.

Formal EDI integration of all flat file and industry based file formats  is a simple mapping process with in our WMS for import and export transmissions.

All this and more go towards our offer of “DELIVERING A CUSTOMISED SOLUTION’ to our customers.