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China Global Logistics

- Uniform global Tier 1 WMS software to send and receive data & EDI transaction.
– Customised messaging system to provide integrity of communication for each client.

– Web portal track and trace through the complete supply chain.

– Ability to interface with any in-house solution

– Security conscience (Procedures) with CCTV, staff police screening, exception based inventory reporting resulting in regular cycle counts.

– Pick & pack (scan picking and split cartons )

– Electronic Order processing and invoicing

– Inventory management in a “clean freight ” environment utilising only electric forklifts.

– Barcoding, labelling, ticketing, quality control

– Freight management services for sea, air, customs clearance and land freight.

- Value added services for hang garments, ticketing, barcoding Quality control, Floor ready displays and  re-packaging to name a few.